Pylon Ward

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Required: 1 Iron Ingot
10 Brimstones

All wards except for the Capture Ward require to be near a player-owned Crystal or Shard in order to be activated. If they are too far from a Crystal, they can be activated by linking them to one with a Pylon Ward.

Essentially, Pylon Wards serve as a sort of extension cord to link far-away wards to one of the player's Crystal or Shard.


Pylon Wards can be built both on the ground or on the side of a vertical surface such as a wall or a cliffside. Pylons must be within 19 voxels of the crystal, shard or other ward in order to be linked to them.


In multiplayer PvP, destroying a player's Pylon could break a chain that is powering up his Sentinel Wards and poke a hole through their defense!

Pylons can be used to remove Fog of War in an area.