Home Crystal

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Home crystal.png
The Home Crystal has the same colour as the team, which is usually blue.

In most gamemodes, the Bricktrons build their castles to defend this big cluster of crystals. If it gets destroyed, the game is over.


The Home Crystal allows the player to spawn new Bricktrons once enough wisps have been accumulated. It also respawns fallen Bricktrons after a few minutes.

Wards benefit from being near the Home Crystal. When selecting a ward, a bright aura is shown around the crystal. Placing the ward within this aura connects it to the crystal for unique boosts. A Pylon Ward can be used to extend this aura.

The pie menu also provides a button to call all Bricktrons back home and, if desired, arm them with all available weapons.


On some islands, there are separate, singular crystals scattered about. These slightly smaller crystals are called Shards and can be captured with a Capture Ward.

Like the Home Crystal, a Shard removes nearby Fog Of War and has an aura for wards. However, it cannot spawn or respawn Bricktrons. It also slowly generates wisps.