Capture Ward

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Required: 1 Iron Ingot
40 Brimstones

The capture ward is a ward that will capture a neutral Home Crystal or Shard when placed nearby. This is the only way to capture crystals, however military units are sometimes needed to make a crystal neutral first.

The capture ward is the only ward that doesn't need to be linked to a crystal or a Pylon Ward in order to be activated. In previous versions of the game, fighting units were used to capture crystals, however this is no longer possible.

Like other wards, they can be dropped instead of built, and can be picked up again after being placed. This is not recommended because moving a capture ward will revert the capture unless you have a unit nearby.


Capture Wards must be built on flat surfaces. It can be built on the ground, on bricks or on planks.

It needs to be relatively close to a Shard or a Crystal to be able to conquer them.


Building defenses or having fighting units around a Capture ward will help protecting them while doing something else around the map.