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Tasks are commands set by the player for their Bricktrons to follow. They can be created by pressing the plus button in the bottom right, or by holding right click and selecting a task from the radial menu.

Bricktrons will not work on a task if they can't reach it, there aren't any resources to use for it or if there isn't anywhere to put the produced item.



The Harvest task will cause Bricktrons assigned to the task to gather resources from several sources within the radius of the task;

Chopping down trees and bringing the logs to stockpiles.

Mining Brimstone and Iron from surface patches.

Mining stone boulders.

Collecting plants found on grass.

The task can be set to harvest different or multiple types of resources by using the toggles at the bottom right of the screen, in the taskbar.




The Construction task allows the player to place down blueprints. Bricktrons assigned to the Construction task will attempt to build the blueprints by bringing the necessary resources to them.

The bottom left of the sidebar lets the player to navigate the various types of construction; stone blocks, wood blocks and structures.

When editing a previously made build task, the sidebar also contains a Blueprints button that allows the player to select areas of planned construction to be moved, copied, split to their own task and deleted.

The various blocks and structures available to place in the Construction task can be read on the Bricks, Structures & Resources page.



Repair tasks will mark damaged bricks within their zone and Bricktrons assigned to that task will repair these bricks.

It will also create blueprints for completely destroyed bricks within their zone for assigned Bricktrons to rebuild.

Warning! The repair task will only start monitoring breaks AFTER it has been placed. It is strongly recommended to place a repair task on newly built walls in case they get destroyed.

Warning! The repair task does not mark damaged structures for repairs, nor does it place new blueprints if they are destroyed. Structures will slowly repair themselves over time and must be manually rebuilt when destroyed.



Bricktrons assigned to a Cleaning task will pick up any loose resources on the ground such as stone, iron, planks, logs, etc. and place them in an available stockpile.

The task is particularly useful to quickly order Bricktrons to pick up stones created by corpses of enemies at the walls of your castle.

In fact, stones will slowly merge into the ground after a few minutes, creating small hills. A large accumulation could create a hill tall enough to allow your enemies to climb over your walls.



The Landscape Task is used to flatten terrain by raising or lowering voxels to the same level as others.

When placing the Landscape task, voxels highlighted in yellow represent voxels that will be dug while the ones highlighted in blue will be created.

Bricktrons assigned to that task will dig voxels highlighted in yellow, gather the stone from digging and use it to create voxels where the blue area is.



The Quarry Task designated a square hole in the ground from which assigned Bricktrons will dig out stone. After digging two layers of voxels, Bricktrons can begin to find different resources such as Brimstone and Iron.

Bricktrons working in quarries will automatically create stairs made of dirt to be able to climb up and down the hole. Before assigning Bricktrons to the task, it's possible to dictate where the stairs will be by clicking the button at the bottom right of the screen, in the taskbar.




The Tunnel task marks voxels to be dug out in the shape of a 2 width and 3 height rectangle. The depth of the tunnel can be manipulated by the player by dragging the handles on the sides of the tunnels.

In order to shorten a tunnel, you must click the X gizmo on the top side of the tunnel.

It's possible to tunnel up and down by selecting the option in the taskbar, at the bottom right of your screen.

Tunnels cannot be made next to each other, however a second tunnel task can be placed to make tunnels wider. Keep in mind this will cave-in parts of the ceiling as any voxel without another voxel diagonally or directly below it will collapse.