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Required: 3 Planks and 5 Iron Ingots

Building yourself a forge is essential for crafting Knight kits and Cog.


The forge must be built on a flat surface. It can be built on the ground, on bricks or on planks. The forge requires 3 Plank and 5 Iron Ingots to be built.


When holding right-click on the forge, you will be able to select what you want to build. You can queue up to two Knight kits. Once cogs are in production, your bricktrons will produce them until your tell them to stop the production. You can stop the production by holding right-click on the forge and releasing when hovering over "Stop all Work"

Item Required Items
Knight Kit 5 Iron Ingots
Cog 1 Iron Ingot

To store your Knight kits once they are done, you will need to have a Weapon Rack and to store your cogs, you will need to have a Stockpile.