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Required: 24 Planks
6 Cogs
2 Bricks

The catapult is a stationary, ranged siege weapon that can fling explosive barrels that will explode on contact and damage structures and units.

The catapult has a minimal and a maximal range, so it must be positioned accordingly.


The catapult must be built on flat terrain. It can be built on the ground, on bricks or on planks.

Loading the catapult

To load a catapult, pick up an explosive barrel with a Bricktron, either by selecting the Bricktron then right-clicking the barrel, or by holding right-click on the barrel and selecting the "pick-up" option in the pie menu.

Once the Bricktron is holding the barrel, right-click the catapult to load the barrel in it, or hold right-click on the catapult and select the "Drop Load Into" option from the pie menu. The Bricktron will automatically man the catapult.

Aiming and firing the catapult

If no Bricktron is assigned to the catapult, it can not be controlled. A Bricktron must be manning the catapult, either by selecting the Bricktron and right-clicking the catapult, or by selecting the Bricktron, holding right-click on the catapult and selecting the "assign operator" option from the pie menu.

Once a catapult is loaded and manned, select it and right-click somewhere to target it. The catapult will slowly rotate to align with the target. You can also hold right-click and select the "set target" option in the pie menu.


If the player loads the catapult, then makes the Bricktron pick up a second barrel before operating it, they will be able to fire a second time without needing to manually ask the operating Bricktron to pick up another barrel.