Bear Trap

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Required: 1 Iron Ingot

The bear trap is a defensive contraption that can be built on the ground. When stepped on by an enemy, it will trigger and stun the enemy for 2 seconds and deal a small amount of damage.


A Biftron stepping on a bear trap will not only cause it to trigger, but get stuck onto its foot. This will happen for the first two bear traps, however a Biftron with two bear traps on his feet stepping on a third bear trap will destroy it.


To rearm a bear trap, you must right-click it with a Bricktron selected.


In multiplayer, enemies' bear traps are invisible, however, explosive barrels will destroy or trigger them. If you are planning a frontal attack, it's wise to aim your barrels around your planned entry point to avoid your Knights getting caught in them.

Beartrap triggered.jpg