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Hotkeys allow you to order your Bricktrons with a quick key press.

Hold Position / Hold Fire ( H )

Pressing H with Workers or Knights selected will cause them to hold their position and stop moving. They will attack units that come within range of their weapons, but they won't chase or retreat.

Pressing H with an Archer selected will instruct it to hold fire. They will stand in their current position and will not fire at enemies or move.

Move Attack ( Shift + R-Click )

Holding SHIFT and right-clicking with a Knight or Archer selected will instruct the units to move to that position while attacking any enemies they meet in their path. Once the enemies are dispatched, they will resume moving to the intended destination.

Dig Voxels / Drop Resources ( Ctrl + R-Click )

Selecting a Worker or Knight and right-clicking while holding Ctrl will cause it to dig a voxel or destroy a brick/structure.

If the worker is holding a brick or a full bag of resources, they will drop them.