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Sandbox is a gamemode without any enemies, allowing you to take your time and build anything you'd like to, without any restrictions or fear of being attacked. In multiplayer, however, it is possible to attack other players with certain dynamic objects such as catapults and explosive barrels.


In Invasion, formerly known as Survival, your objective is to survive as many waves of Corruptrons as possible. Every few minutes, a wave will begin and a horde of Corruptrons will attempt to destroy your Home Crystal, which you must defend at all costs by building walls and spawning military units.

There is no upper limit of waves. Eventually, you will be overrun, it's inevitable.


In Conquest, you must slowly expand your territory by capturing shards and defending them against enemies, who are also trying to expand. In order to win, you must capture or destroy your enemies' Home Crystals. If your Home Crystal is captured or destroyed, you will be defeated.

Grab the Gems

Grab the Gems is a multiplayer gamemode which was remodelled after the Halloween exclusive 'Capture the Pumpkin' gamemode. Your aim is to be the first faction to collect 10 gems and place them in your home crystal. Gems are found in gem patches which are scattered throughout the map. When a game is started, the players will have to wait 12 minutes for gems to grow in 5 random spots. Each subsequent set of 5 randomly located gems will take only 8 minutes to grow until the game is over.

How to Play When a game is first started, there will be no gems available for collection. The players will have to wait 12 minutes for the first 5 gems to spawn in random gem patches. In this time it is advised that the players work towards creating bases and kits to equip bricktrons with. You can see the time until the next gems spawn in the timer below the minimap. Only workers can carry gems and they are vulnerable to enemy attacks while doing so. To make a worker pick up a gem, select the worker and right-click the gem. You can then right-click your home crystal with the worker selected to command them to drop the gem into your home crystal. Every 8 minutes after gems spawn, 5 more gems will appear until one team collects 10 gems and wins the game.


  • Set your worker as "hold position" by pressing H or with the pie menu to stop the worker from dropping the gem and going back to work automatically.
  • Don't forget to remove the hold position after making them drop the gem so they can continue working.
  • Keep an eye on the timer below the minimap to prepare when the next gems will appear.