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There are three classes of Bricktrons; Workers, Knights and Archers.

WorkerFront.jpg Workers are the hard working units that will harvest resources, build your castles and repair its walls. In a pinch, they'll do their best to fight off enemies, but are not great at it. They don't deal a lot of damage and can't withstand much either.


Knights are the backbone of your army in Castle Story. They're the unit that can take the most damage thanks to their heavy armor and shield. They can be assigned to hold position or defend an area.

Asking a Knight to hold position means they will not move unless knocked out by a bigger enemy or an explosion. They will, however, fight any enemy that comes within range of their sword.

Defending an area means the Knight will patrol that radius and attack any enemy that comes inside of it. However, they will ignore enemies outside of the area's limits.

ArcherFront.jpg Archers are a long range units capable of firing arrows with their bows. They're also able to fight at close range, however their melee attacks deal little damage and they lack the armor to withstand hits.

It's best to keep archers away from the front, placed high up on a wall or in a tower, where they can shoot at enemies at a distance.