Brick Plug

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Required: 1 Stone Brick

Similar in size and cost as the half brick, but with much more functionality. The brick plug contains indents into the block which allow the plug to be able to support beams or corbels (A note should be made that corbels can only be used with the brick plug as there are no other blocks in the game currently that can support them). There are currently in the game 5 different versions of the block, each with a different amount of indents and placement of those indents into the block.

Using with Corbels

Brick Plugs are the only block in the game that can support a corbels. The corbel can support any stone blocks or wood blocks placed on top of it. This makes the brick plug with corbel similar to using a parapet. However, it is unknown if the corbel can support wards like a parapet can. It also should be noted that unlike the parapet, using a brick plug with multiple indents can allow it to multiple corbels that can be used to support expansion outwards on multiple sides. This makes them ideal for corners of towers that are expanding outwards, as they can support the blocks above them on the two or more sides needed. A 4 indented brick plug also works well on top of stone pillars allowing expansion on all sides of the brick plug.

Using with Beams

Similar to logs or wooden columns, brick plugs on their own can only support up to 2 beams away from itself. However unlike logs or wooden columns, if a second brick plug is placed 5 blocks away with 4 beams between the two, the brick plugs will only be able to support the 2 beams closest them. This means if one of the brick plugs loses support or is destroyed that the two beams on its side will be destroyed.

Brick plugs can also not use braces to extend the number of beams that they can support either. This makes brick plugs limited in what they can do with beams, and at times it may be better to use a corbel instead with a log or wooden column placed on top of the corbel to get the extended range and support of logs or wooden columns with beams.


Brick plugs can be placed on the ground and if so will flatten the terrain around it. They also only require the half brick a 1x1 space to be placed, but in order to be used will require the sides with indents to be open allowing usage with beams or corbels.