Beginner's Guide: Fending Off Corruptrons

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Different Types of Corruptrons

Corruptrons come in many shapes and forms, all of them sure to cause trouble to you and your Bricktrons!

Minitron.jpg The Minitrons are slow and stupid, but there are usually many of them and they can quickly overwhelm a distracted Bricktron!


The Corruptrons are fast and sturdy, they're the backbone of the bands of enemies you'll be fighting in Castle Story.

Biftron.jpg The Biftrons are extremely slow, but extremely powerful and tanky. They can take a lot of damage before going down and can easily take out several Bricktrons on their way out.

Warlock.jpg The Warlocks are fearsome foes who won't give you any rest by casting bolts of energy and summoning other corruptrons from the depths of the island. Deal with these powerful enemies before you get overrun!

Military Units

ArcherDOF.jpg Archers are particularly deadly against enemies when perched high up, in a large number. A volley of arrows will clear out most enemies.

Get your archers on top of your walls or tower by building stairs and make sure you keep other units away from them - they can fight in close quarters, but they don't hit very hard.

If a Corruptron gets close to your archer, you should make it retreat and handle the threat with a Knight.

KnightDOF.jpg Knights are good at taking the brunt of the load. They can shield themselves from attacks and can withstand more damage than any other unit. When you are under attack, send your knights to the front to keep enemies away from your more fragile units.

Airtight Castle

It's important to make sure your castle doesn't have any gaps Corruptrons could sneak in through! Make sure it's airtight and the only way in is through a heavily guarded door!

Bear Traps

Bear traps are a great tool to slow down the advance of Corruptrons and give your archers more time to take them down before they can reach your walls.

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