Weapon Rack

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Required: 6 Planks

The weapon rack is essential once you start crafting fighting unit kits. Once an item of your kit is done, your Bricktron will store that item on a weapon rack.

Kits can't be mix up. If there is an item of one kit on the rack, no other kits can be put on it. For example, if there is one archer kit on a rack, a knight kit cannot be put on it and requires a second rack.

You can store up to four kits in one weapon rack.


The weapon rack must be built on flat surfaces. It can be built on the ground, on bricks or on planks.


Kits are put onto racks without player input required. A worker can be told to equip a kit by selecting him, then right-clicking on the rack. A military unit can stash its kit on a valid rack the same way.

The "Call to Arms" and "Return to Work" buttons tell Bricktrons to take/stash kits automatically.